Our team

Tran Dzien Nguyen Fondateur de la marque MamaBoon
Tran Dzien Nguyen


Founder of Mamaboon

Dzien Nguyen, our passionate founder, is the conductor of the “Booners”. With his experience in the tourism industry and his passion for Vietnamese cuisine, Dzien created Mamaboon to share his love and vision of Vietnamese culinary tradition.

As founder, he embodies the values ​​of Mamaboon and guides us in our quest to offer authentic, healthy and affordable Vietnamese cuisine. Join Dzien on this unique foodie adventure as we explore the delights of Vietnam at Mamaboon.


Partner and R&D and Logistics Director at Mamaboon

Yann Pendezec, our partner and R&D and logistics director, brings unparalleled expertise in Vietnamese cuisine. With his experience at Pho 24, the largest Pho franchise in Vietnam, Yann combines passion, innovation and quality to offer unique culinary delights at Mamaboon.

Prepare to be enchanted by the authentic flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, under the direction of Yann, our partner and R&D and logistics director.

Maryline, cheffe vietnamienne spécialisée dans le Bobun et le Banh Mi
Maryline, Vietnamese Chef of MamaBoon


Production Manager and Kitchen Ace at Mamaboon

Maryline Luong, our talented Production Manager at Mamaboon, is an essential pillar of our team. As the Ace of Hearts of Vietnamese cuisine, she excels in the preparation of Bo Bun and Banh Mi, bringing boundless passion to every dish she creates.

His exceptional expertise and love for authentic and sustainable cuisine are reflected in every tasty bite. Join us as we share the taste of Vietnam with a local and respectful approach, under the expert guidance of Maryline, our Production Manager and Ace de Coeur de la Cuisine.


Vietnamese Food Expert at Mamaboon

Olivier Dang, our expert in Vietnamese cuisine, is a valuable asset at Mamaboon. As a specialist in the culinary delights of Vietnam, Olivier showcases authentic flavors and traditional techniques.

As an Expert in Vietnamese Cuisine, he plays a key role in the creation of our dishes that transport our customers to the heart of Vietnam. Prepare to be enchanted by his mastery and passion for Vietnamese cuisine.

Olivier, cuisinier vietnamien spécialisé de le Banh Mi et le Bobun
Olivier, kitchen preparer at MamaBoon
Isabelle Graphiste et Web Designer
Isabelle Graphiste et Web Designer


Artistic Director at Mamaboon

Isabelle Debrailly, our talented Artistic Director, is the creator of Mamaboon’s captivating visual identity. Her gift for illustrations brought our logo to life, evoking childlike sweetness and cultural authenticity. As Artistic Director, Isabelle also plays a key role in the creation of our website, offering an immersive online experience.

Her creative flair and artistic vision are essential in conveying Mamaboon’s warm and welcoming atmosphere.