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Welcome to MamaBoon

At MamaBoon, authentic Vietnamese cuisine is our passion, and every guest is a friend sharing our culinary journey. Our delicious and balanced dishes, prepared with love for healthy eating and respect for the environment, weave connections within our community.

Join us on this journey, imbued with joy, simplicity, and a love for nature.

illustration bobun au boeuf de Mamaboon, restaurant vietnamien à Antibes

Our Bobun

An emblematic dish of Vietnam, our BoBun is prepared with love from organic, labeled and fresh ingredients.

An explosion of healthy flavors for an authentic delight. Dive into the MamaBoon experience!


our Banh Mi

A Vietnamese classic, our Vietnamese sandwich or Banh Mi is prepared to perfection with organic, labeled and quality ingredients.

A marriage of flavors that will delight your taste buds. Enjoy the MamaBoon experience!

Illustration de Banh Mi aux 3 porcs
Bubble tea au thé noir avec perles de tapioca.

Our Vietnamese Bubble Tea

Refreshing, sweet and rich, with chewy tapioca pearls and a hint of milk. A real sweet break with the MamaBoon experience!


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